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Cake Convention by Reema Siraj

Sep 19, 2018
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The Cake Convention, a momentous event and the first of its kind, took place in Sri Lanka, on August 18th in the prestigious Hilton Colombo. Hosted by Dubai based cake artist and entrepreneur, ReemaSiraj, this illustrious gathering was an event aimed at expanding connections, far and wide, within the baking industry in SriLanka.

Being a SriLankan citizen who lives abroad, Reema noticed something quite outstanding, in the rest of the world, networking within communities was a huge concept and a viral trend in every industry including the baking world! But here, she sensed there was a huge void in that aspect. There was no real interface where bakers could connect with one another and share ideas. Determined to strengthen the affiliation of bakers from all areas of the country, Reema set out to create a platform on which professionals and amateurs alike could display there creativity to one another in a poignant setting.

It’s safe to say the cake convention as we know it today, has evolved and proliferated far beyond its humble beginnings. Just over a year ago, ‘cake talks’ was a simple gathering of around 20 ladies that came from all walks of the baking industry. Through the course of conversation, exchanging of pleasantries and playing of games they realised that they had so much to share with one another and each of them had something unique and special to contribute to the event. This inspired Reema to nurture this kind of connecting further and stem this breathtaking opportunity out to as many people as possible.

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