News ≫ Aussie Labour Party selects Lankan to stand for Senate seat

Aussie Labour Party selects Lankan to stand for Senate seat

Jun 13, 2016
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The Australian Labour Party in New South Wales had officially announced that Jagath Bandara has been nominated by the Party to the Senate ticket for the forthcoming Federal elections.

Jagath is the first ever Sri Lankan of Sub continent heritage and the community to be nominated for a Federal Senate ticket by the NSW Labor party.

Senate Candidate Jagath Bandara in his statement to OZLANKA has said that ever since the day he arrived in Australia, he had tirelessly worked with all sectors of the diverse community, worked hard collectively to bring justice for low paid employees and help many workers have the voice they deserve in their respective jobs.

“The trust that the community has shown in me is an honour and I am grateful for the recognition given to my work,” he said. “It has been nearly 20 years since I commenced working with the Union Movement (United Voice/AMWU) and have continued to do so until today.

During my entire time in AustraliaI have closely worked with various communities and supported many when the need arose and there was an opportunity to help create a positive environment for the advancement of the members of those communities.

Australia is a land of opportunity and many persons from various echelons of the Sri Lankan community in Australia have benefitted from such opportunities. I have watched with pride and satisfaction their success and the enhancement of their socioeconomic status I have recently been selected and honoured to be a Senate Candidate for Labour Party in NSW at the upcoming Federal Election” he stated.

He urged the members of the Sri Lankan community to vote on July 2, carefully considering what is best for Australia and the community. The Labour party has demonstrated policies that protect the country and its citizens.

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