News ≫ Army Skydivers win three gold medals

Army Skydivers win three gold medals

Sep 13, 2017
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Sri Lanka Army Skydivers won three gold medals at the recently concluded 18th Armed Forces Parachute Championships in United Kingdom. The tournament was held at the Drop Zone of the British Army Parachute Association (APA) from 14th to 28th August.Civil and international military teams were qualified to enter the open category in all events of the parachute championship.

Sri Lanka Army parachute team and US Army’s Golden Knights were the foreign teams at the competition. Sri Lanka Army Skydivers won gold medals in an accuracy team event in open category, wingsuit artistic (2 way) rookie (beginner) category and 2 way rotation and team award (Canopy Formation). This was the first time that the Sri Lankan Army skydiving display team had performed on foreign soil.

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