News ≫ Arimac Digital and Harpo’s Pizza partner to launch ‘Harpo’s Pizza Rush’

Arimac Digital and Harpo’s Pizza partner to launch ‘Harpo’s Pizza Rush’

Feb 14, 2020
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IMI Games, Sri Lanka’s premier online gaming platform by Arimac Digital has partnered with Sri Lanka’s first-ever home grown Pizza brand, Harpo’s Pizza & Pasta to launch their brand-oriented gamification project, ‘Harpo’s Pizza Rush’on IMI games platform. This new experience allows the plethora of Sri Lanka’s ever-connected smartphone users and passionate foodies, to play and win weekly prizes sponsored by the Harpo’s Pizza. ‘Pizza Rush’ sees each player as an experienced Harpo’s chef, attempting to collect a mouthwateringly delectable array of baked Harpo’s pizza while also gathering green-lined Cinnamon wood bundles and avoiding red-lined logs. Player’s islandwide will have a chance at winning weekly prizes that include gift vouchers to feast Harpo’s Pizza. Boasting of over 50,000 downloads from 50 games in all languages of English, Sinhala and Tamil IMI Games now offers corporates the opportunity of hosting branded games on their portal. As a result, Harpo’s Pizza partnered with the Company to launch ‘Harpo’s Pizza Rush’. Drawing inspiration from Harpo’s signature wood-fired oven and chef suit, this exclusive game sports a logo with the brand’s charismatic founder and Chairman, Harpo Goonaratne on it. for more information go to:

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