News ≫ Anarkalli Live! Let’s talk about Love, Life & Culture

Anarkalli Live! Let’s talk about Love, Life & Culture

Feb 11, 2019
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Podcasts are more popular than ever. Can you believe that a true crime investigation in 2014 started it all? Today there are podcasts on tech, science, politics, documentaries, culture and even life. Among the many podcasts out there, we stumbled upon a new interesting and relatable podcast called Anarkalli Live. A podcast about love, life and culture from a proud Sri Lankan American. She discusses about living life to your full potential and sharing positivity every Wednesday. The podcasts are available on apple podcasts and spotify.

Anarkalli Aakarssha is a Sri Lankan actress, politician, model, former miss Sri Lanka for Miss World, brand ambassador, beauty icon and a humanitarian.

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