News ≫ Amritaa De Silva Crowned Siyatha Miss World Sri Lanka 2016

Amritaa De Silva Crowned Siyatha Miss World Sri Lanka 2016

Aug 31, 2016
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The much awaited Siyatha Miss World Sri Lanka 2016 pageant took place on Tuesday (2016.08.30) with yet another winner to represent Sri Lanka at the Miss World pageant to be held in Washington this year. The top 15 contestants competed with one another with much confidence, enthusiasm and excitement.
Initially starting off proceeding nine weeks ago, the girls were groomed to face the camera, audience and project their personalities to the world out there. Another significant feature of this pageant is the ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project which is one of the criteria for the contestants.
Here they have to choose a project to serve the community under their capacity and also explain why they chose it and how they would use this platform to move forward with it. A significant highlight of the grand finale was the collection of cultural elements which were designed by Eric Suriyasena and choreographed by Senaka De Silva himself.
The judges for the evening were Brazilian Ambassador to Sri Lanka H.E Elizabeth Sophie Balsa, veteran actor Dr. Ravindra Randeniya, CEO Kent Group of Companies, Gamini Saparamadu, beautician/entrepreneur and grooming instructress Wena Goeiyana and renowned filmmaker and former Ambassador to France, Spain and the United States, Sumitra Peries.

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