News ≫ Aliens studying our ancient ruins in Dimbulagala?

Aliens studying our ancient ruins in Dimbulagala?

Mar 1, 2017
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Could rays of bright light from the sky above the ancient Dimbulagala Monastery be an alien spaceship seeking the mysteries of our ancient ruins?

Farmers who were guarding their cultivations against wild animals in Dimbulagala, Namal Pokuna, and Dalukona area claim that they saw rays of bright light from the sky over the Forest Monastery in Dimbulagala on the morning of February 27th. They said that several UFO’s with flashing bright lights, descended near one building of the Monastery and then suddenly disappeared.

Maduruoya Vijithalankara Thera, chief Incumbent of the monastery, said that aliens are known to visit the mountain from time to time and that they have informed the relevant authorities. Scientist Keerthi Wickramaratne informed that even astronauts in international space stations have reported UFO sightings over the last few days.”

The Dimbulagala Raja Maha vihara 16 kilometres south east of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka and is home to a number of caves cut into the rock with Brahmi inscriptions over their drip ledges. It is said that King Pandukabhaya of Anuradhapura lived here for a short period in the 4th century and that King Parakramabahu II, in the 13th century Dimbulagala Maha Kassapa Thera helped the King with the purification and renewal of the Buddhist order.

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