News ≫ Adithya reaches top 205 in world tennis

Adithya reaches top 205 in world tennis

May 3, 2017
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One of the greatest future prospects in Sri Lanka’s tennis, Adithya Karunaratne, 15, recently received the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Girls under-18 world rank 205.
Adithya, who is now training full-time in Spain, thus became the highest-ranked Sri Lankan player in international junior tennis in the recent history.
Adithya at present is participating in the European circuit ITF under-18 tournaments. Before turning 15 last December, she had won six ITF titles. She entered world’s under-18 age group, the final step before reaching women’s professional circuit better known as WTA, when she was only 13.
Adithya won her first-ever under-18 title in Sri Lanka in 2015. She went on to beat Australia’s under-16 number 1 and ITF world rank 40, Baijing Lin, the following year in an ITF event held in Korea. She was coached in Sri Lanka by Shalini de Silva. Later Adithya went under the coaching of Benny Lin and Bhagat Singh in Hong Kong. Now she is under the tutelage of Spanish tennis legend Joan Balcells and David Olles.
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