News ≫ 14 year old holds musical evening to raise funds for the needy

14 year old holds musical evening to raise funds for the needy

Dec 30, 2016
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Fourteen-year old Vibhash Ravi Gunasene of St. Joseph’s College, Ipswich hosted a musical evening to raise funds for his charity Vibhash Ravi Trust Fund (VRTF). Vibhash established VRTF when he was only 11 years old in 2013 to help poor children in Asia, mainly in Sri Lanka.

The evening of music had a talent show, raffle and the presentation of his second book ‘No Perfect Image’ All proceeds of the sale of the book will go towards VRTF. He was able to raise £1000 that evening and he aims to help children in need in two schools in Sri Lanka by buying books, stationery, shoes, socks and other necessaries.

Vibhash is the son of Gamika Gunasene and Dr. Lavangi Gunasene. Together with the support of his parents and friends he is committed to raise the quality of life for children in need. Vibhash wants all children regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential. People experience poverty not only as a lack of income but also as a lack of education or health care”, Vibhash noted. According to him, the change he is emphasizing on cannot just come from him alone. It should have the involvement of the country’s government which reforms the political, economic and social wellbeing. Pic courtesy of Newslanka

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