News ≫ Venerable Pujya Maeliye Dimbulalankara thera struggles to support families effected by COVID-19 in Polonnaruwa

Venerable Pujya Maeliye Dimbulalankara thera struggles to support families effected by COVID-19 in Polonnaruwa

Apr 27, 2020
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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing problem in Sri Lanka for many years and Venerable Dimbulalankara thera has been servicing the endemic areas of Polonnaruwa for the past five years.

Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain origin has effected North Central Province (Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts) of Sri Lanka. The causes still unknown.

Following years of official research, the Sri Lankan health ministry and World Health Organization declared in June that low level exposures to the heavy metals cadmium and arsenic were “causative factors” for the ailment – which they have named CKDu, Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology.

The most vulnerable age was 40 to 60 years. There is a male preponderance. Farmers are at a higher risk. Majority were in CKD stage 1. More than two thirds of the deaths of CKD/CKDu patients occurred within three years of diagnosis with disparities in 5 year survival rate among the two districts. There is clustering of cases.

Sri Lanka Foundation has been consulting with Venerable Dimbulalankara Thera in Polonnaruwa to provide filters to the residents of the Polonnaruwa district which is one of the most affected areas. Venerable Dimbulalankara has been working diligently to help the affected families.

Sri Lanka Foundation, after verifying the source and with a generous contribution from few other individuals, Padmini Joseph & Kanthi De Silva contributed a monetary donation for 26 filters to be installed in this district, at a cost of Rs.1,75,000/= per each filter. All 26 Aqua Masters filters were purchased from Jinasena-Polonaruwa branch, and all 26 were already installed in the Polonaruwa district.

There is an urgent need for 10 more filters to be installed immediately to control the situation in the surrounding areas.

A few months ago he dedicated himself to promote and encourage education among the families in the Polonnaruwa province and purchased school books for many children.

Today Venerable Dimbulalankara thera struggles to provide the basic food necessities to the families effected by COVID-19 in the Polonaruwa province. Due to the urgent need in that area he humbly request for donations to purchase dry food items to be distributed to 650 families that are mostly distressed by the Pandemic.

If you wish to donate please see below information:


Name of the temple:

Sri Seelalankara Buddhist Center



Polonnaruwa, Egodapattuwa

Name of Bank & A/c. No.103853333775

Sampath Bank, Kaduruwela Branch, 626 B, Dharmasiri Building, Main Street, Kaduruwela

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