News ≫ REGISTER NOW!! Cultural Performances from all over the World will be Showcased on 2021 Sri Lanka Day Expo & Parade

REGISTER NOW!! Cultural Performances from all over the World will be Showcased on 2021 Sri Lanka Day Expo & Parade

Aug 10, 2021
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2021 is going to be an epic milestone in the long journey of the Sri Lanka Foundation since its the first International SL Day connecting many countries. Right now, it is all set for the most anticipated event of the year, the virtual SL Day Expo 2021.

This year, you are invited to join us virtually for a worldwide celebration of Sri Lankan Culture, Food, Art, Music, & Educational Workshop. This is your opportunity to be one of the first viewers of a unique virtual celebration Worldwide. For the first time on the big screen, you will be able to witness the proud heritage, rich culture, traditional dance flows and beautiful drumming beats native to mother Sri Lanka.

Though this year’s SL Day 2021 is going to be virtual, our students, teachers, and all of the crew have engaged with utmost dedication to give you the most fascinated experience of the year. If you mingle with this year’s virtual SL Day Expo 2021 event, you will be able to eyeball fabulous cultural performances painted with beautiful choreographies to symbolize the beauty of the culture, religion, and harmony among all races of Sri Lanka. Not only restricting to dance groups from the USA but the dance groups from around the world: France, Italy, Australia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Japan and all around US are lined up to bring out excellent performances in the virtual platform of SL Day 2021. It should be remarked that you will be filled out with entertainment throughout the event by watching traditional Kandyan, low country and fusion dancers, a variety of Sri Lankan dancers, traditional and fusion drummers, colorful fashion shows from Sri Lanka and US, and the much-awaited Sri Lanka Parade performed by Sri Lankan Americans, yet rarely witnessed in the US.

Indeed, you will get the chance to feel the fragrant exotic spices only found in Sri Lanka by ordering Sri Lankan cuisine online at your doorsteps. Yet being virtual, we are happy to provide you the chance of tasting the best, mouthwatering, authentic Sri Lankan food including traditional sweets, Ceylon tea, hoppers, and many more. It’s not only the food, but you will get the chance to purchase charming Sri Lankan fashion clothes, souvenirs and artifacts, and plenty of other shopping items. .

Everything is showcased on our very own uniquely designed platform: Foundation platform.

We are all ready now, so this is our open invitation for all the global community to allure the occasion and join this gigantic event being from your comfort zone…

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