News ≫ Project Completed in Laggala & Mawathagama Hospitals implemented by OSL Network in Florida!

Project Completed in Laggala & Mawathagama Hospitals implemented by OSL Network in Florida!

Jun 11, 2021
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Thank you to everyone who donated to this project.

We are the Overseas Sri Lankan Network (OSL), a network of Sri Lankans who live all across Florida.

As of now we have members from four major Floridian cities: Miami, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach. We are working to expand to other cities and create more prospective members.

Today we are using this OSL network in collaboration with our fellow Sri Lankan physicians living in Florida to help Sri Lanka’s current COVID-19 situation by initiating to send some most needed PPE and medical equipment for example: HIPAA machines, Non rebreather oxygen masks with reservoir bags, High flow Oxygen concentrators, BIPAP machines, 3M surgical mask, pulse oximeters, non-contact infrared thermometers etc. to our front line workers and some disposable masks to the general public. Here we are requesting our community, for your support and contribution to fund this project by donating any amount you are comfortable with to this good cause.

Our organization started this fundraising campaign in response to the COVID 19 pandemic in Sri Lanka to provide medical equipment. As a North Americ a (Florida) based charitable organization, we will transfer all the funds to the hospitals in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine. Some of the required equipment are given below and we hope you will be able to support our mission.

With these funds, our organization will be able to fund the list given below. As you can see Sri Lanka is in a devastating situation which is decimating the vulnerable. Realtime COVID numbers are given in the link below.

See Link below to donate:

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