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Avurudu Festival At Woodly Park

Apr 15, 2019
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When the sun moves from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) in the celestial sphere, Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamils together begin celebrating their Aluth Avurudda and Puththandu.</p Its exact beginning is lost in history but Robert Knox, English trader, and sailor recalls that Aluth Avurudda was a major annual festival of the Sinhalese, celebrated grandly with royal patronage, in late March, every year. The historians believe that the Nayakkar Kings of South India who ruled during the latter part of the Kandyan Kingdom would have shifted the festival to April to synchronize with their own New Year which fell in mid- April. Probably, their strategy would have been to prevent the Sinhalese and the Tamils celebrating two separate festivals in consecutive months. Historical records indicate that the British rulers declared Sinhala and Tamil New Year as a holiday in 1885. The Aluth Avurudda against such a scenario turned out to be an authentic celebration of family, folks, music, and games. Sri Lankan community in Los Angeles celebrated the Aluth Avuruddu ceremony at the Woodly Park last Sunday to preserve the Avurudu tradition. The event was filled with many traditional games such as ” Kamba Adeema ” and ” Kotta Pore”. Sri Lanka Foundation, Academy of Performing Arts performed two items at the event. This event was organized by the Sri Lanka America Association Of Southern California.

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